Beyond the Shore 

At Moustache Brewing Co. we prioritize caring for the environment around us. We have partnered with Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Marine program to support them restoring our local marine habitats.

Seagrasses serve as essential underwater habitat for numerous varieties of fin fish and shellfish in our bays.  Populations of our local seagrass species, Zostera marina (commonly known as eelgrass) have been decimated in recent decades due to water quality issues, development, and disease. Cornell Cooperative Extension’s team of restoration scientists have developed methodology that has helped populations rebound.  Through the formation of CCE’s Marine Meadows Program in 2010, they have involved the public in land-based efforts to restore underwater habitat by hosting Marine Meadows Workshops.  At these workshops participants stock burlap planting units with live shoots of eelgrass.  CCE’s team of specially trained scientific divers then plant these units in the bay, restoring eelgrass meadows and creating habitat for our beloved commercially and recreationally important creatures beneath the sea. 

To learn more about this project and how you can help click here.