Moustache Brewing Co. believes in giving back to our community and is proud to support many events and charities when we are able to. If you are seeking support for a charitable cause, we need you to complete and submit the information form below for us to consider a donation.

The following is a list of other requirements:

  • We will donate strictly to charities with a federal tax ID number. We are unable to donate to individuals or any other groups. Requests not that do not include a tax ID number will be not be considered.

  • We are committed to supporting our local community and are only able to support organizations based on Long Island.

  • All inquiries are reviewed by a panel once a month. Please submit your request at least one month in advance of the event to be considered.

  • Due to the overwhelming request for donations we are unable to respond to each request individually. If you do not hear from us two weeks prior to your event we are regretfully unable to support your request.

  • All requests must be submitted through the form below. Any letters, emails or phone calls will be directed to fill out the complete form.

  • Any donations given will be required to provide an electronic copy of a federal tax prior to pick up.

  • We ask that your organization please provide a volunteer to pick up any donations at the brewery. Please note that arrangements to pick up donations must be made in advance.



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