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Nature Talk: Dining with the Leviathans of the Ocean

  • Moustache Brewing Co. 400 Hallett Avenue Riverhead, NY, 11901 United States (map)

We are stoked to host The Nature Talks, a special series of talks held at the brewery in collaboration with Christopher Paparo, the Fish Guy. On select Thursdays and Fridays, you're invited to learn more about our underwater habitats, ecosystem, Long Island after Sandy and more. Maple Tree BBQ will be in the house during the talks. The talk will start approximately at sunset, forecasted around 6:30pm. Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on, as well as some bug spray.

Join us on October 6th for “Dining with the Leviathans of the Ocean" with Joe Warren.

Blue whales are the largest animal ever to live on our planet, weighing somewhere between 100-200 tons. How can they get this big when their primary food source is krill, a small (~ 1 inch long) crustacean?

These animals and other baleen whales have had an interesting history of interactions with humans: from being hunted nearly to extinction a century ago to their current status as an animal that most people around the globe want to protect and conserve. This talk will discuss how scientists study blue, humpback, and right whales around the globe - ranging from animal-borne cameras to crossbows.